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Curating A Career Path

Art Conservation, a fine craft, has always been about sharing knowledge from one conservator to another.

Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration understands the importance of and enjoys all the many aspects of mentorship.

Veritie Howard has joined Fogg & Dalton as a Summer assistant to explore the field of painting conservation.

While at Fogg & Dalton, Veritie is experiencing and learning the many aspects of conservation. Beginning with evaluation, treatment plan options, documentation

and actual hands-on execution of conservation to oil paintings and period frames.

Veritie is a student at Bard College in the Hudson Valley of New York. Her major is Art History and Visual Studies with a focus on Medieval Studies. She is attracted to the anthropological aspect of art and artifacts from centuries ago to the present.

Veritie states, "Art history is more than just memorizing names and dates. The pieces speak to us about their time and those who made and experienced them over time. Being physically involved with a work of art through research, translation or conservation is a very intimate experience, which is a privilege to experience. Every piece you work with adds to your body of knowledge."

The staff at Fogg & Dalton Art Conservation are enjoying the camaraderie of the Summer Assistantship process and we know Veritie is headed for a rich and rewarding life in the world of art history and conservation.


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