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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions.  If you don't see your question listed here, please give us a call at (207) 882-9805 or email us anytime!

Why should I get my painting cleaned or repaired?


Cleaning, repairing, or restoring a painting can add longevity and value to your cherished artwork. Besides obvious damage such as a puncture or tear, dirt and other residues can build up on the surface of a painting.  If these surface materials are left for too long, they can bond with the paint layer, making them extremely difficult or even impossible to clean.  That is why it is so important for paintings to be properly cleaned and varnished by a professional conservator.  With a proper cleaning and a new application of modern varnish, new life and luster can be brought to a previously yellowed and dingy painting.  

Do I need an appointment?


You do need an appointment at Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration.

Does it cost anything to have my painting or frame looked at?


It does not cost anything to have your painting or frame looked at by our staff in our showroom.  If a condition report is required or a treatment plan is agreed upon, then additional costs will be discussed at that time.   

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?


Sorry, but Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration cannot give any quotes or estimates for work over the phone.  EVERY painting or frame is different, no matter how easy or simple the job may seem.   

What is my painting worth?


Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration does not give monetary appraisals. We do offer condition reports as a service ,and we can guide you to a qualified source for appraising your artwork.

Please go to our Resourse Links page for our suggestions.

Does Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration restore photographs?


Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration does not restore photographs but, we would like to share the links to the professionals we use ourselves.


Before & After Photo

Rayer Fine Arts Conservation

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