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Building Community. The Preservation of a Historic Map Painting.

When the Town of Falmouth, Maine wanted to bring a 1940 mural painting back into public view they called on Fogg & Dalton to take care of the restoration of the piece.

In the process Fogg & Dalton uncovered the signature, long lost, and found that it was created by Edward La Salle, of Portland, Maine in 1940.

There was serious damage.

After review, a plan was developed and Fogg & Dalton arranged for transportastion to the studio.

The painting was cleaned, lost areas were uncovered to reveal the town names on the top and bottom. Many damage and construction holes were filled and in-painted. Then a wonderful frame and structure was created to stabilize the piece for generations to come.

The final installation in The Falmouth, Maine Town Hall was overseen by Fogg & Dalton Art Restoration, where you may view the unusual and cherished part of the town's history.


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