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Reason For Conservation: Sentiment

She turned 60.

A heart warming story of a woman and a painting.

Earlier this year a woman came to us with a 26 x 44 Romantic, Hudson River Style oil painting. It was detached from the stretcher bars, had a number of scratches and small punctures, most of the paint was gone from the bottom and right side and a layer of dirt coated the painting.

Joyous tears welled up in her eyes as she and her sister told how this unsigned painting had hung in their grandparents' Maine farmhouse when they where little girls. A prized possession.

Later the painting hung in their parents farmhouse and she recalled that her father would talk about parts of the painting, explaining what was happening as if he had been in the scene, capturing her little girl imagination.

The painting had been saved, stored and set aside for many years.

When the woman was turning 60, her husband asked what she would like to do for this special birthday she talked about the painting and they decided conserving visual memories would be the special thing to do.

The conservation and restoration is complete!

She is now selecting what will be her favorite frame,

Fogg Art Custom Framing will craft that for her.

When the framing is complete we will display pictures on the blog.

This project is going to give her many years of enjoyment and will continue to be a wonderful heirloom for the family. Fogg Art Restoration has placed a provenance pocket on the back of the piece so she can record the known history and her family stories for future generations.

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