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Respect for our clients and their artwork since 1987

Painting Restoration

Fogg Art Restoration can take care of every aspect of conservation from cleaning to repairing severely damaged paintings. We care about your paintings as much as you do.

Frame Restoration

At Fogg Art Restoration, restoring period frames that are damaged, have missing parts or are just dull from age is one of our specialties.  

Fogg  &  Dalton

Art Restoration
by appointment
during our regular hours
We look forward to working with you


"How fortunate we are on this part of the Maine Coast to have such a center for conservation at such a high level  and so pleasant to work with." 

                                                                                                  -Christopher M.     Brunswick, ME

"Finally got back East and saw the portrait of my Great-Great Grandmother. You did a wonderful job.  The frame couldn't possibly look any better.  Thanks Again."  

                                                                                                        -  Larry C.    San Francisco, CA

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