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Conserving a Ship Model Presentation

We received a project to conserve a ship model, we were to repair areas where the pine knots had bled through the paint layer, touch up the rigging and clean up the damaged frame. The main focus was to make it appear as if it were in an unrepaired state.

To begin with the piece was taken apart and the two large knots staining the sky treated,

Here you can see Nick gently removing the paint layer

Here is the prepared surface

Next the knots were filled and sealed to prevent future bleed through, at this point some of the more distracting cracks were also filled

Then for the meticulous in-painting, and minor repairs to the rigging

The frame was severely distressed. To the clients discretion the ornament was repaired and replaced and the finish repaired but to remain in the general manner of how it came in

We have taken care to make sure the back is as clean and solid as the front

Great care was taken not to alter anything so much it looks new. In the end, the restored piece has taken on its former glory.


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